The Fun, Unique & Versatile Sherpa



Take your writing to the next level with Sherpa, the latest innovation in design for pen lovers of all ages.

The Sherpa pen comes to you complete with a black Sharpie in the package.

The Sherpa pen shell is a unique system that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers as its refill, including Sharpie®, Pilot® pens, uni-ball® pens and Accent® highlighters. With many different styles of pen shells, including limited-edition commemorative sets and more, your entire writing instrument arsenal can be completely personalized and unique. Each Sherpa pen shell is designed with an innovative cap to keep the color of the inserted marker, pen or highlighter bold and fresh every time, preventing it from drying out. With Sherpa, you aren’t limited to one writing instrument — you can use them all.

The makers of the Sherpa have now designed their own roller ball refills to fit in the Sherpa body as well as a refillable fountain pen insert.

The Sherpa is such a fun item to have because you can find one to match your own personality and you can change your writing style or ink color or line width on a whim.


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