See a mountain sunset every chance you get…

So I decided to close shop for a few days and visit my mother as I had not seen her since Christmas 2019.  With all the craziness of 2020, travel was difficult; even across the state.   Mom lives in the mountains of Virginia and the view there is so different from the ocean views here.

There is nothing quite as spectacular as a mountain sunset.  It is inspiring and calming yet energizing at the same time.  We were blessed to see a few of these beauties while we were there.

It was nice to just chill out for a few days.  We had cool, crisp nights and warm, sunny days with no humidity.  What a great break from the beach where it is always humid no matter the temperature.  It was lovely to just get out and enjoy the day with no worries.  I was pretty much unplugged from electronics as the wi-fi didn’t work while I was there.  At first I was a bit upset about that as I didn’t want to use my data to post on Facebook, etc.  But then I just relaxed and so enjoyed not being connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  I didn’t watch the news so there was really nothing to be upset about.

This tiny town didn’t seem to be as “mask-attacked” are we are here.  So if you went into a shop or a restaurant without a mask on there were really no consequences.  And even that was such a relief.  It was great to just be able to breathe in the crisp, mountain air.

Sometimes you just have to be mellow for a while…

Enjoy a mountain sunset every chance you get!


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