As a small business owner it is a constant struggle between business obligations and quality time spent with family; especially during the busy holiday season.  I am the proud owner of a very small business ~ a micro-mini business as I like to call it ~ and I now have an even smaller family.  I come from a very small family and it is now shrinking even more as folks grow older and leave this earth for their Heavenly home.  With this being said the opportunity came to go home to see my mom for Thanksgiving and I grabbed it.  So yes that means I will be closed Wednesday, November 21, 2018 through Sunday the 25th.  We will reopen on Monday the 26th.

Yes this year I will be closed for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  Black Friday has never worked in my favor as that is the day for the masses to shop the big stores that can offer even bigger discounts.   Small Business Saturday is just beginning to catch on with my business and I have had wonderful support form the locals for the past few years.  It is not a day that is so much about sales or discounts but rather about supporting your local community retailer.  From the perspective of a small business owner,  I’ve always thought that Small Business Saturday (as they’ve named it) should really be on the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving instead of the Saturday after.  I’m sure there are many small business owners like myself who have family out of town and they are torn between staying and keeping the business open and missing a piece of the pie or going home and having that piece of the pie with loved ones.

And in reality, small businesses need your support EVERYDAY; not just one day out of the year.  We still have to put food on our table, pay our taxes, pay our vendors, etc. all year.  So while we love that there is actually a named day for us “Small Business Saturday” we appreciate your support and welcome your business every day.  And remember without your support the little guys will disappear and all you will have will be the huge online retailers and for some of you I know that will be okay but for the customers that support the little guys like this business that will be sad indeed.  And yes I have an online website too which is this same small business.

I thank you all for your past patronage and look forward to working with you this week and after Thanksgiving during the fast-approaching Christmas season.  My business will be here for a very long time I am sure; probably long after I’m gone from this earth.  But my mom and my other family and friends won’t be since unfortunately no one lives forever.  So this year when opportunity knocked I answered with open arms.  I am so thankful to have a ride home and I am thankful to get to spend this holiday with my mom and other family and friends.

Be thankful for the family that you have left on this earth and spend all the time with them that you can.

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