It’s national love your pet day and as most of our customers know, we love our little BFF Inky. He comes to work with Mom everyday here at the Mom & Pup pen shop.  He will greet you at the door when you enter and he will “fuss” at you when you leave.  He will be 7 years old in a couple of days and we have been best buds almost as long.

I feel very fortunate and blessed that I can bring my best friend to work with me everyday.  Dogs are a great stress reliever and he always makes me smile and laugh.  Even on a nasty, rainy day like today, he makes the day better.

If you are lucky enough to have a dog then treat him (or her) like a member of the family.  Love them and take care of them.  Feed them and make sure they always have plenty of fresh water.

Don’t leave them in a hot car or in a very cold car for a long period of time for that matter.  The heat, especially can be a real killer.  Would you want to be left in a hot car for an extended period of time with no air??  I think NOT.

Inky goes pretty much everywhere with me and if I’m going to run into someplace for 5 minutes or less then he usually stays in the car.  Of course it depends completely on the temperature and the weather conditions.  Use your own judgement but use GOOD judgement.

Remember they are not just a pet; they are a living, breathing, family member.


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