Well folks these are some crazy times, no doubt about that.  We have weathered some very tough situations; i.e. 9/11 was a very bad time when we all came together as a nation and mourned the loss of many lives taken too soon.  And we mourned and cried together.

And we have gone through many mass shootings together; less than a year ago we went through the joint mourning here with the tragedy in Virginia Beach – again we all went through it together.

And along came a virus and we have to practice social distancing and not be together to get through it.  We can’t congregate and talk about how we feel; we can’t congregate and worship; we can’t go out to a restaurant and enjoy a meal with other diners; we can’t go to our favorite shops and get some retail therapy.

We are all here in our homes weathering this invisible enemy so why not take this time to connect or re-connect with family?  Get outside and take a walk together and enjoy God’s beauty; the trees and the flowers are blooming and spring is a time for renewal.  You may even see some critters out there that you had not even noticed before such as rabbits, squirrels and a variety of birds.  Nature has so much beauty that we either take for granted or never even notice.  Enjoy it and be thankful.

It’s also a great time to re-connect with others with a hand-written note or letter.  You may want to keep a written journal about these days.  We hopefully will not go through this again in our lifetime but you could look back on your journal and see how you spent your time.  It would be something to pass down through the generations.

And this is the perfect opportunity to teach those cursive writing skills to the younger members of your family so when you pass that journal down the line your family members will be able to read it and appreciate it.

We can clean our homes over and over again and never be done as the dirt and dust will simply return to be swept away another day.  But the connections we make with our family at this time and the reading and writing skills we teach them will last a lifetime.

So get out and enjoy the great outdoors and drink in that much needed Vitamin D.  Then write about your experience in your journal or write to your friends or other family members and tell them how you spent your day.

I’m going to enjoy some lunch today from a local food truck – while keeping my distance from others – and then I’ll write about that in my own journal. 🙂

A hand-written note and a hand-written journal are precious memories that will stay in your heart forever. Start journaling today!

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