Today I’m sitting here at the computer looking for inspiration for the blog.  It’s been a fun day here so far and the weather is picture perfect and then it hit me – why not take inspiration from nature?!  So today I will talk about the birds that are visiting my shop.

Along with this pen business, I am also an Avon rep.  I have a beautiful Avon wreath on my front door here at the shop.  I had been noticing much mess below the door and I just thought with all the wind and rain we’ve had lately that the wreath had just had a hard time weathering the storms.  I figured I’d just have to get a new wreath next hear instead of storing this one for another season.

Then when I stepped outside yesterday all these little birds were chirping and twittering and flying all around.  I thought they must have a next over my light at the door.  And then I discovered the next was not at the light but the next was in my wreath.

I love nature and most all of God’s creatures.  I love that so many colors we use in our daily lives comes from nature; from fountain pen ink colors to the pens themselves to stationery designs.  If nature doesn’t inspire us then what does?  God made all these creatures and he made us to inhabit the earth and live together in peace and harmony.  So yes the bird’s nest will stay in my wreath.  I know they will probably destroy the wreath but I’ll just have to get a new one.  I know all of their nest-making materials are scattered about at my door and being dragged inside so I’ll just have to clean it up.  And I know there will be droppings left behind soon when they actually start living there and again I’ll just have to clean that up too.

So get out and get inspired by nature.  Take your pens and journals out with you and enjoy writing down your thoughts and your observations.  Live in the moment and be free and enjoy all that life has to offer.

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