Small mom-and-pup pen shop featured in article from Inside Business in the Virginian-Pilot:

We know we have been quite hidden from view for at least a couple of months.  We’ve been hidden by the construction at the restaurant which can’t open soon enough.  It will be The Heirloom if it ever happens.  We know these construction vehicles and workers have been clogging the parking lot and the storage unit has up blacked completely from the road.  And they decided to close in the porch which will give them more room as well as year-round use for that space so that is understandable.  Unfortunately that also closed us off from view from the road.

And of course being located directly across from the infamous Building 2 at the courthouse has not help matters as now there is construction going on there as well.  The City is now building an new Building 1 in front of Building 2.  So we are surrounded by construction this Christmas season.

But we are begging you – just because we are out of sight please don’t let us be out of mind.  We are still open (although you probably can’t see that) and there are still parking spots available. You may not find a spot right near the shop but there will be someplace to park; perhaps on the side or in the back.

We wanted to be a good neighbor and not complain too much about the restaurant construction as we feel that once it gets open it will be a boast to this entire area.  However we did not know that we would still be invisible during this important make-or-break shopping season. Had we known the storage unit would still be parked where it is we would have made our voices heard.

We would certainly love your support.  Of course you can shop with us locally and there is still time to order online.

Sometimes a small business cannot catch a break and this year has certainly not been a good one for us.  We were really looking forward to a good December but that has not come to pass.  Please keep us in mind for those special gifts.  We are open and we are hoping to survive all this construction mess and still come out breathing.  Right now we are gasping for air and we are asking for your support.  Please come shop with your local small mom-and-pup pen shop.  And you can order online anytime! Inky, the official D.O.G. (director-of-greeting) is waiting here to greet you.

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