A bit about the Talisman collection:

BENU is proud to introduce their marvelous new collection of pens, Talisman. This collection is inspired by great legends and the mystical beliefs that surround talismans, amulets, and other magical items used to bring luck, protection, money, love or special abilities. Get your Benu Talisman Foxglove fountain pen here today.
Whether you are an avid believer in the magical power of plants, stones, herbs, and crystals, or you remain skeptical to this mysterious and unknown world, there indeed lies a sprinkling of curiosity and intrigue within each of us. Believer or not, we can all admire the fabulous myths and ancient beliefs behind these good luck charms.
We invite you to step into this hypnotizing realm of folklore and see for yourself if there is any truth to be found beneath the fables. Who knows, perhaps this fascinating magic might make its way into our modern world!
The Talisman collection is made complete with 5 pens, each named after a special substance: Mandrake, Dragon’s Blood, Peacock Ore, Fox Gloves, and Edelweiss. Drawing inspiration from certain tales of yore, we set out to convey these stories not only in the color and style of each pen, but by actually infusing a part of each substance* into the five different designs.

*Each pen from the Talisman collection is non-toxic and completely safe to be used by both adults and children*


Inspiration and substance added to the material of the pen:


Magical attribution ascribed in myths:

Good Luck and Fairy’s Magic

Native to Western Europe and with its tall, striking spires set beneath dozens of impressive finger-shaped blooms, the extraordinary foxglove flower carries with it an abundance of tales that claim to set the origins of this mystifying plant straight.

One folk myth suggests that mischievous fairies gave these little bell-shaped flowers to foxes to wear on their paws, enabling them to sneak silently into rural villages. It is indeed an intriguing explanation, but have you ever seen a fox wearing gloves? Perhaps to further explain this troublesome fairy and fox duo lies in the fact that in the 14th century, fairies were nicknamed “good folk” – and according to author Maud Grieve, the prefix ‘fox‘ most likely stems from the word “folk”. Whether the name originates from this legend that tells of gloves given to foxes by crafty fairies, or it is merely the result of a mispronunciation of the phrase ‘folk’s glove’, it is said that carrying on your person a foxglove will bring about good luck and fortune.

The alternate names for foxglove give further insight into just how embedded this plant is in fairy and magic folklore: Fairy Petticoats, Fairy Thimbles, Fairy Fingers, Fairy Weed, Fox Mittens, Witches Bells, Witches Thimbles, Folks Gloves, and Fox Bells, to name a few.

Foxglove has been the subject of fairy lore for centuries. Ancient legends indicate that fairies are supernatural entities that live in enchanted forests and shadow worlds, where they dance and make magic with childlike abandon. These mythical winged-beings were said to live inside the foxglove flower and were supposedly responsible for their potencies, both good and bad.

In the mortal world, fairy gardens have become quite popular, and foxglove is a must-have for attracting these mythical creatures. Placed on the front lawn and foxglove is believed to protect the occupants from evil influences, while picking foxglove from the garden and bringing it inside is believed to anger the fairies. But for the greatest benefit, it is recommended to place a piece of the foxglove flower inside a charm or talisman to keep the wearer protected and bring good luck. Close to the Scottish borders, foxglove leaves historically were strewn about babies’ cradles for protection from fairy bewitchment, while in Shropshire, England, they were put in children’s shoes for the same reason. Another lovely old legend told in the West Country explains why foxgloves bob and sway, even on very still days. This wind-less motion is no other than the plant bowing to the fairy folk as they pass by.

So whether you believe in fairies or just admire these old tales for their mystery and mystic, the Foxglove fountain pen is the ultimate fairy pen for you. Simply write with it and, who knows, maybe these magically mischievous creatures will bestow onto you good luck and fortune.

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