Pilot Permanent Marker Pens No Xylene

Pilot Permanent Marker Pens No Xylene

I would like to tell you about the Pilot Permanent Marker pens with no xylene.  First you may say what is xylene and why is it important?  The definition for xylene is quite complex and we won’t even get into that but to put it simply it is the ingredient that gives some permanent pens that distinctive odor or scent. These Pilot pens do not have that smell which is a very good selling point for them.  They are used by many doctors’ offices and hospitals to mark permanently on slides or in books for record keeping.

The extra-fine or ultra-fine point writes permanently on almost any surface including glass, plastic, ceramic and metal and this is permanent waterproof ink.  It is available in 4 ink colors.

So if you need to keep a permanent record of something or if you are an artist & you would like to personalize you crafts or sign your wares this pen would be a great way to go.

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