Today, my blog has really nothing to do with my business.  It’s not really about the pens or stationery or writing; it not about which fountain pen you like or the color of ink you prefer.  Today I wanted to talk about having an attitude of gratitude.

Thankfully we were spared the wrath of Hurricane Florence this past weekend.  We got very little rain and very little wind out of the whole system.  We started preparing early last week with evacuations in place and schools closed; thus they were turned into shelters.  We stocked up on food and water and purchased generators.  We cleaned up our yards and boarded up windows and watched the Weather Channel constantly.  We were all well prepared for the storm that never came our way.

And now I hear people grumbling about “the big one that went away”.  We certainly shouldn’t grumble about this; we should be thankful and humbled by this.  I can’t help but think to myself “my blessings are someone else’s disaster” and that is so true.  We were so blessed that the storm turned away from us even thought we feel we were prepared for the worst.  When we see the devastation this storm caused we know we really were not prepared at all.  We really can’t prepare for that scenario.

Why did this storm turn away from the Hampton Roads area and head south?  I don’t know and we will never know.  Why the Good Lord chose to spare us and wreak havoc elsewhere is beyond my comprehension.  I don’t understand it and I admit that.  But being a Christian I know that I have to have faith and trust in the Lord and pray for our neighbors that got so devastated by this terrible storm and flood.

Hopefully we can all come together at this time and look out for our friends and neighbors.  There will probably be many pets in need of a good home now too.  Just remember our lucky break and our blessing is someone else’s disaster and devastation; so sad but so true.

So get out that pen and paper and write a note to someone.  Let them know you are thankful they are in your life.  Or ask if there is anything you can help them with.  Let them know you’re available and you care about them.  There really is nothing like getting a hand-written note in the mail.  Just had to throw that in for good measure.  🙂

And remember keep smiling; your smile may be someone else’s blessing for the day.


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