Platinum Pen Nice Lavande #3776 Century Fountain Pen

$285.00 $228.00

Platinum Nice Lavande #3776 Century Fountain Pen
Platinum Nice Lavande #3776 Century Fountain Pen

Platinum Pen Nice Lavande #3776 Century Fountain Pen

$285.00 $228.00

Platinum Pen Nice Lavande #3776 Century Fountain Pen


Platinum Pen Nice Lavande #3776 Century Fountain Pen

Get your Platinum Pen Nice Lavande #3776 Century Fountain Pen today; it’s a beauty!

Platinum has been making fine writing instruments of almost 100 years. Founded in since 1919 by Shunichi Nakata, this Japanese pen company is well respected for their fine nibs and maki-e art pens. The company was originally named Nakaya seisakusho which means manufacturer but renamed to Platinum Fountain Pen Co along with its logo which became a motif of earth.

After WWII the company changed its name from Platinum Fountain Pen Company to Platinum Industry Company only to change the name back to Platinum Fountain Pen Company in 1962.

Platinum fountain pens are designed not to do not dry out when they are left capped over long periods of time. Platinum pens also created the cartridge style fountain pen.

Most Platinum pens come with a 1 year warranty. Warranty information is included with each Platinum pen.

This fountain pen features an exquisite rose gold trim and a frosted lavender purple translucent body, representative of the French resort (Nice) located in the South of France. Lavande means lavender in French.

Like the other Platinum #3776 Century fountain pens, the Nice has the “Slip and Seal” cap mechanism that prevents the ink from drying out as well as the newly redesigned nib and feed to regulate the ink flow. This fountain pen comes with a cartridge, and features a 14kt rose gold fine nib. Platinum converter is included.

The first 3000 pens will come with an individually numbered blotter card.


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